Just a note

Breaking form I have no opening quotation and no photos (well, no current ones).  I am away this week and without my computer. I’m spending a week with family up towards Cambridge as my dad and grandma are coming to visit from Canada! I get to spend time with them while they are here thanks to the warmth and hospitality of my cousins.  I’ll get back to writing next week, but this week is all about living in the moment and enjoying time with people I haven’t seen since September 💜

Dad and I hiking in Victoria, BC

Dad and I on my first overnight hike! Juan de fuca trail, BC

Grandma’s birthday

At a family wedding


Most quality time with Dad involves hiking, and any time with Grandma is special no matter the occasion. 

I hope your April is off to a good start! Do you have any special plans? I’d love to hear about them! xo


2 thoughts on “Just a note

  1. I peeked ahead haha! My heart is full of joy that you are getting to spend time with your dad and grandma and other family on their visit! ❤ And oh my word, you sure make that dress stunning! I love the colour and cut.


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