Canterbury: a ‘Ruined’ Sunday

Relaxing morning, tea & breakfast ax we chatted with our host. Cab to town in time  for our 11 am walking tour. We wandered through the city, past some key locations as we learned more about the Roman settlement, the cathedral, and damage done during WWII.  The tour took us through precepts of cathedral and … Continue reading Canterbury: a ‘Ruined’ Sunday


Canterbury: a day in the sunshine!

After an incredibly dreary winter in London this year, we were so overjoyed to wake up Saturday morning to blue skies and sunshine! It made for a particularly scenic train ride east to Canterbury. Saturday highlights: We walked from the platform and down around the corner and found ourselves in front of the Westgate tower.  … Continue reading Canterbury: a day in the sunshine!

Farfalla (that’s Italian for Butterfly)

We have some trips in the works, including a dream-come-true trip to Italy, so of course we're studying Italian in preparation!  Last night, my lesson included translating "I have a butterfly" which reminded me of this awesome fall afternoon that I haven't shared! I had worked at a lovely school near Horniman Museum and Gardens several … Continue reading Farfalla (that’s Italian for Butterfly)