Born and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, I now reside in a quiet neighbourhood in London (yes, such a thing exists, I swear!).  I have lived in London, with my partner (often referred to as T on the blog) since the end of July, 2016.  His work brought us here for a two year contract but who ever knows what the future will hold!

Follow along to keep up with my travels and favourite moments along the way (this will often revolve around finding good food).


Case in point. Perhaps you’d expect to find a picture of me in the “About” section. Instead, enjoy a picture of my lunch! Half Porchetta, half Honey Soy Chicken sandwich from Bread&Meat in Cambridge.   

Adventures are about the sights, the people, and the food!  Always the food.  I have the extra 15 pounds to prove it!