Into May

Home from France- had Wednesday at home to do laundry, sadly I’d been coping with a migraine for several days and needed to take things pretty slow.

Thursday after work, we went to see As You Like It at the Globe. We rented cushions and a blanket, which blocked us a bit against the breeze and were the perfect compliment to our seats: top row, centre. Loreen- I think we sat right about here during our tour!! It was SO amazing to be here for an actual performance!


The show was clever, vibrantly costumed, hilarious, and had a unique element: actress Nadia Nadarajah, who is deaf and uses British Sign Language (BSL). Other actors replied in blends of sign language and speech, sometimes- but not always- rephrasing her lines. The actress was incredibly expressive and we could often gather the gist of her sentiments even without the other actors and actors restating.  I don’t know if anyone else has seen this on stage, but it was a beautiful demonstration of how much we communicate through our body language and facial expressions. Oh my word- and Tanika Yearwoods voice. Heaven on a stage.


Happy theatre-goers

Check out this link for fab video of rehearsal where you can also get a glimpse of the talented cast!  The interview with Ms. Nadarajah takes a fascinating look at the challenges of translating Shakespeare to BSL.  And for a more comprehensive look at the production, check out this New York Times article, my favourite line of which is: “so lucid is she as a performer that the character’s intentions are entirely clear throughout.”  There is simply no better way to say it!

Friday evening I had a long-overdue with my dear friend D.  We went for a nice long walk and ended up at a pub alongside the Thames, not far from the first place where T and I lived when we moved to London.  It took nearly half an hour to get our first drink, but worth it as we got our £20 bottle of wine for free by way of apology for the delays, and it turned out that dinner was on special! 3 cheers for a full meal and bottle of French wine for less than 20 quid! Woot!

We had a much needed quiet Saturday, prepped for our day out on Sunday, taking in Evensong service at Westminster Abbey before heading to the George on Strand pub for one of our favourite roasts.  The service was well-attended and I confess it was strange to see some people dressed up for a church service while most were proper tourists, walking in so casually dressed!


Monday was a holiday.  We visited St. Paul’s, where we climbed to the Whispering Gallery at 30 meters up.  Unfortunately, we tested the acoustics without success- so many people were wandering around and chatting!  It was beautiful nonetheless, and even at the lower galleries there are some gorgeous views.



In the very foreground, with rooftop patios and LOTS of glass, is T’s new office!

Next, we completed all 530 steps to reach the top dome: the Golden Gallery.  The outdoor viewing area is MUCH smaller and quite crowded, but accompanied by perfect weather, we took in all of the stunning views of the city, climbed back down, and had time for a quick walk through the crypt before closing.  We agreed we’d need another visit to properly enjoy it.



The sky doesn’t get much more blue than this! Looking up at the dome (we stood on both the larger and smaller galleries)

In what can only be described as the shortest work week of my adult life: I worked on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday we were off to Italy! I can hardly describe my excitement as the prospect of a trip I have dreamt of for so many years.



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