Farfalla (that’s Italian for Butterfly)

We have some trips in the works, including a dream-come-true trip to Italy, so of course we’re studying Italian in preparation!  Last night, my lesson included translating “I have a butterfly” which reminded me of this awesome fall afternoon that I haven’t shared!

I had worked at a lovely school near Horniman Museum and Gardens several times, and after a few days I learned that I could avoid the dull, steep hill by walking through Horniman Gardens instead.  I also noticed a Butterfly House on the edge of the park, but it was always closed by the time I left work.  One day, I was teaching littles (aka reception aka 4 year-olds) and had no marking at the end of the day (a teaching miracle, especially in the UK where marking is highly regulated) and it was still open!  Though it was only 15 minutes, I knew I should take the opportunity to get inside and I’m so glad I did.


Those 15 minutes were incredible, not least because it was so near the end of the day that there was only 1 other family there and then I had the place to myself.  The range of butterflies and their stunning colours was impressive, especially in such a small space and one that has been open for just a few months. They are off to a brilliant start!

Butterflies have a special place in my heart, and it also made me feel a bit at home as we have an amazing Butterfly Garden in my hometown of Victoria, BC.

These little outings are the joy of living in London instead of being a tourist!


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