In the works

Hello all! You may be wondering why there was no post on Friday! Sorry about that- we are moving next Friday so I’ve been pre-occupied with packing, cleaning, and preparing to return to work on Monday.  I’m working on a few things but I didn’t want to rush for the sake of having something to post and so I’ll be back up next week with York: part 1!

In the meantime- go ahead and fill up the comments section with your favourite summer 2017 moment or experience! I’d love to hear from you and what’s made you happy this summer.

Thanks for your patience and support!



3 thoughts on “In the works

  1. My favorite summer 2017 moments would have to be exploring downtown Montreal and being at the cottage on the lake in Ontario with 30 of my crazy family members. I also adored spending lots of time with my love (Brennan) going to the beaches, lakes or exploring BC, and riding my horse a little bit here and there for the first time in 9 months as part of her therapy. Overall this summer was filled with lots of exploration and adventures which helped me grow as a person and relax before my last year of high school.

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  2. Typo and hitting reply! Oh dear, it must be 6 am! That sounds like a fantastic summer, Mackenzie! I hope your horse is doing well and has a full recovery. Grade 12 already! Where does the time go? You’re such a wonderful human- I hope this is your best year yet!


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