On the quiet days…


One of the things about living abroad is that you are away from your usual social circle.  In Canada, I was so frequently on the go that moving away has been an exercise in finding a new balance for myself.  It is, in turns, liberating and isolating.  I love all things crafty, but bringing my sewing machine, fabric, and notions was impractical so I decided that I would be focused on developing as a cook and as a knitter during our time away.  The past few months, I’ve been busily knitting up a storm!  I thought I’d share a collection of some recent projects just because.  No insight, no travel tips… well maybe one: if you are going to live abroad, it’s nice to have a hobby! Whether its reading, writing, knitting, solving puzzles, or something else- I love having something peaceful to do in my downtime (also, I can often knit and watch TV at the same time, so it really helps to justify those Netflix days!) 🙂


My most challenge pattern/project to date! Bubble baby blanket for Baby A


Alphy – the first of 2 stuffies. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the other one!


My first attempt at a raglan baby jumper and button holes!


I was so excited by the results of the first jumper that I went straight out for more wool and made another! The buttons were finicky so this is actually done with a 3-snap closure and buttons for decorative purposes.


T’s slipper socks! He chose the wool in Germany in December. I promised myself I’d finish the Bubble blanket before I could start on these- it was great motivation!  I am still learning about this whole “negative ease” business with socks so they’re a little on the chunky side. But they fit and he loves them. Win!


I decided that I needed slipper socks too 🙂 I had new sock wool but didn’t like how it was knitting up, so I took it all apart. Take two: I worked the new yarn and a rich green sock wool from my stash together giving a neat camo effect. They’re quite snuggly!


Always wanting a challenge- I decided to learn a new technique for the heels and toes: this is a ‘no-wrap short row’ heel and toe pattern. I was using up remnant wool for the contrasting bits and ran out of grey. Waste not, want not! I can’t stand to waste great quality wool!


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