Elafonisi: Day 5

There are SO many Greek islands! How is one to choose? Athens, Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos… it’s not like you can go wrong!  For T and I, we had literally planned on a whim.  We were online, looking for cheap flights (always a good place to start when you live in London) and the word ‘beach’ came up.  T went to our favourite travel site, TripAdvisor, and looked up beaches in Europe.  Time and again, Greece came up.  We hadn’t found a particular beach or anything, we just figured Greece was a safe choice.  I started looking for hotels, and the rest was history.

So, we got to the hotel, spent our first day wandering around and then found a pamphlet in our hotel for Elafonisi Beach.  (You don’t need any other reasons to come to Crete, but just in case, if you’re into hiking, it is also home to Samaria Gorge National Park.)

We set a wake up call for our one and only day trip of the vacation.  The hours-long drive through mountains, around sharp corners in a full-size charter bus, was more than worth it when we arrived.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…clear skies, countless shades of blue and turquoise water, pink sand, and such a gentle slope that you can walk hundreds of feet out from the shore and still be only waist-deep; I had never seen anything like this place in my life.








Yes, that’s pink sand. PINK!


Time to go came far too quickly!

On the trip back, there was an unexpected stop at a restaurant for dinner.  It was perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, and we enjoyed authentic dolmathes (with a lovely crispness to them, and stuffed with herbed rice mix) and humous and pita at a surprisingly reasonable price given the remoteness and visual appeal of the location.


I think we’re actually smiling because we’re relieved to be off the bus for a bit! But the view was pretty great, too.



Oh this view. Winding  mountain roads, the sea stretching out before us, the sun overhead. It doesn’t get much more awe inspiring.


And to cap off such a stellar day, we got back to our hotel room just in time to watch another glorious sunset.  This is the life!




And then it was gone… another day in paradise.


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