Brunch, Bubbles and Beads!

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

January began with brunch, lunch in a bubble, and beads that come with a rich family history.  First up was brunch with Miss R – of Shadows Over Southwark fame 😉 – which started out at Cream in Shoreditch. R is my favourite type of breakfast date because she is a food sharer like me! It’s so much more fun to go somewhere new when you can try a couple of things in one visit!  Cream makes fantastic scrambled eggs and we loved breakfast, but service was slow and details were overlooked (no spoon for my tea, not offered sweetener).  Our day evolved from there.  We got on a bus to head toward the Thames so I could do a return near the Tower of London, and then ended up walking, spotting some awesome graffiti art. 

After my return was complete, we walked along the water thinking we’d end up at London Bridge, but instead found a dead end with little plastic domes that looked like (for my BC followers) a tiny plastic Science World!  Turns out, they were part of a restaurant, Coppa Club, and there are often 2 to 3 hour waits for these little bubbles (which they call Igloos)- but being early afternoon on a weekend, we were able to get in straight away as long as we ate something.  We went for caesars, olives, and a light green salad (aka a giant head of tasty lettuce, lightly dressed and surprisingly tasty).  There were two other groups in our shared dome; we all ended up chatting and had a fabulous time. 


Lunch in a bubble, with a gorgeous view!

By now it was nearing dinner time, and we decided to walk it off by walking over Tower Bridge (stopping for a tourist-wannabe selfie) and over to a pub in our neighbourhood.


This is where I live! It still feels surreal sometimes.


Walking over Tower Bridge, no big deal 😉

At the Angel Pub, we met up with T for drinks and realized that it was well into dinner time.  We invited R back to our place for dinner, and hopped on the bus as it was getting a bit drizzly.  After some bus silliness, we arrived back at our flat and made some of our homemade gyoza and dip.  So, here’s to Sundays that completely revolve around food!

More Family ❤

The second weekend of January had us back with my cousins in Barrington.  Two of my cousins, Pete and Ben, were in a pantomime of Sleeping Beauty at a local theatre. Neither T or I had ever seen a pantomime, so it was a new experience.  Hilariously, imagine an audience of somewhat reserved Brits, getting brave and yelling at the actors! Shouts of “He’s behind you!” and hisses and boos directed at the Baddie…. okay. Full disclosure: I’m sitting here trying to decide how to convey the hilarity of Pantomime to my largely Canadian audience and I think I’m letting you all down, so instead read what Russ Hope wrote for WhatsOnStage, and what fellow WordPress blogger Katharine Elmer wrote in her post I love Panto! Oh, yes I do!

Ben and Pete were both great fun to watch, the cast did a fab job, and the evening was an entire experience, complete with light tea beforehand with some tasty gluten free dessert, and a beautifully done Indian meal afterward with family and friends (we also got to meet Pete’s mom, and she’s lovely!).

On Sunday afternoon, we had a lunch to celebrate Keith’s birthday (yes, he’s also a cousin). When we visit Barrington we stay with cousin’s Jean and Keith, or their daughter (my cousin Helen), and her husband and sons.  6 cousins in one village- it’s always an amazing time.

It was also a special visit because we had lots of downtime for knitting, visiting, and unwinding, much needed now that I’m working almost full time and T’s work is always so busy.  But most special of all was a treasured gift from my cousin Jean.  Many years ago, my paternal Great Great Great Grandmother owned a beautiful beaded Edwardian purse. My Great Great Grandma Alice came to be in possession of it, and eventually it came to Jean.  By then, the purse had rotted away, and so Jean painstakingly removed all of the beads, sorted them by colour, and put them into a collection of tiny boxes and containers.  Once, after they had been dumped out during a robbery, she even went through it all again, re-sorting them.  She has kept them safe for decades, and on this trip, she decided to gift them to me.  There are more details about the purse and how it came to be in her possession, and I hope to learn them by heart as I hear more from her.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I have the task of finding out how to use them and give them life once again.  I plan to research Edwardian purses and see if I can get some idea of what the original purse might have looked like as we sadly have no pictures of it intact (unless a relative reading this realizes that they miraculously had an old picture of Great Great Great Grandma hiding somewhere!).  Jean, I can’t thank you enough for this treasured family gift that you have entrusted to me.  I can’t wait to turn them into something beautiful once again.

Now- time to write all about Scotland.  Until then, sending love back home and thanks to all of you for following along. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Brunch, Bubbles and Beads!

  1. Lunch in a “geodesic dome”! I did think of Science World right away. Nice way to utilize outdoor space on a rainy day, but I worry I might feel claustrophobic. The beads are such an amazing treasure. I can’t wait to see how you use them. My mom’s given me all of my grandma’s buttons that I played with as a child. I’m the least crafty person of ever, but if you ever see any ideas for the artsy use of assorted colour, sizes, and types of buttons, please pass it on! Might do a Facebook call out for suggestions one day. 🙂

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